Contact Infor­ma­tion:
PRETAX Steuerberatungs­gesellschaft mbH
Podbielski­straße 16
30163 Hannover
phone: +49 511 39097–501
fax: +49 511 39097–599

Mana­ging Director: graduate econo­mist and tax consul­tant Nicole Datz, auditor and tax consul­tant WP StB Dipl.-Finw. (FH) Kris­tina Braun
Company Head­quar­ters: Hannover
Commer­cial Register: Hannover (HRB 50161)
VAT ID No.: DE115654700
Country of Regis­tra­tion: Germany

Profes­sional Liabi­lity Insurance:
Our services are covered by global profes­sional liabi­lity insurance from:
HDI Versi­che­rung AG
Post­fach 21 27
30021 Hannover

Super­vi­sory Body:
(The land of Lower Saxony Ministry of Finance)
Nieder­säch­si­sches Finanz­mi­nis­te­rium
Schiffs­graben 10
30159 Hannover
phone: +49 511 1208186
fax:+49 511 1208064

Respon­sible Chamber:
(The land of Lower Saxony Chamber of Tax Consul­tants:)
Steu­er­be­ra­ter­kammer Nieder­sachsen (KdöR)
Adenau­er­allee 20
30175 Hannover
phone:+49 511 288900
fax: +49 511 2834032

Regu­la­tions of Profes­sional Conduct for Tax Consul­tants:
German Tax Consul­tancy Law (StBerG)
Execu­tive Order for the Tax Consul­tancy Law (DVStB)
Profes­sional Code for Tax Consul­tants (BOStB)
Steu­er­be­ra­ter­ge­büh­ren­ver­ord­nung (StBGebV)
Further infor­ma­tion can be obtained at:

Person respon­sible for content according to § 6 MDStV: StB Ferdi­nand Bäuning

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