Guiding princi­ples

As tax advi­sors, we are members of a liberal profes­sion and an organ of tax law. Due to the legally protected profes­sional discre­tion and detailed know­ledge of the economic and personal circum­s­tances of our clients, we bear a high degree of respon­si­bi­lity and have a special posi­tion of trust.

We accom­pany our clients as inde­pen­dent and compe­tent advi­sors in all tax and economic matters with the aim of opti­mally repre­sen­ting their inte­rests as entre­pre­neurs, insti­tu­tions or private indi­vi­duals and promo­ting and secu­ring their economic success.

Our range of services includes in parti­cular calcu­la­tion and plan­ning as part of accoun­ting in accordance with national and inter­na­tional regu­la­tions, advice on restructuring, support in mergers & acqui­si­tion projects, general tax advice inclu­ding the prepa­ra­tion of tax balance sheets and tax returns as well as tax legal protection.

We exer­cise our profes­sion inde­pendently, auto­no­mously, and consci­en­tiously. Through high quali­fi­ca­tions combined with consis­tent further trai­ning, effi­cient office manage­ment and quality manage­ment, we create the basis for flexibly meeting future requirements.

The fields of acti­vity and the admis­sion in Germany are compre­hen­si­vely regu­lated in the Steu­er­be­ra­tungs­ge­setz (Tax Consul­tancy Act) and the corre­spon­ding imple­men­ting regu­la­tion. Many consul­ting acti­vi­ties are part of the reserved tasks and may only be performed by licensed tax consul­tants. The profes­sional repre­sen­ta­tion of tax consul­tants in Germany are the cham­bers of tax consul­tants, which are united under the roof of the Bundes­steu­er­be­ra­ter­kammer (Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants).