Corpo­rate structures

Perfec­ting the tax inter­ac­tion between all entities

Group struc­tures are created by combi­ning several compa­nies under joint manage­ment. These struc­tures occur with our large inter­na­tional clients as well as with our medium-sized clients. However, the indi­vi­dual struc­tures and the orien­ta­tion of the compa­nies are natu­rally quite diffe­rent. The first step is there­fore to analyze the group struc­ture and compare it with the tax objec­tives. At the same time, we evaluate the results of the ongoing tax consul­tancy. On this basis we develop a tax “target scen­ario”. As part of our tax manage­ment consul­ting, we coor­di­nate the target scen­ario with our clients and develop stra­te­gies and concrete proce­dures (e.g. regar­ding transfer pricing docu­men­ta­tion) to achieve the optimal group structure.